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The vast majority of computers capable of Internet access already have PDF reader software installed in the form of the free Adobe PDF reader.  If your Adobe reader version is older than version 5, you should update here:

If I order a PDF map from you will I be able to print it?

In short, if you need a printed map, you should order one when you place your order.  Your ability to print a PDF file depends on the software and hardware that you are using.  Most of our stock and custom maps are over 20" wide and cannot be printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper without print tiling (printing a single map across several pages).  The free Adobe PDF reader does not support print tiling and only lets you print your map or screen on the largest paper size supported by your printer.  Our printed maps typically cost well less than $1.00 per square printed foot (Kinkos regularly charges at or over $8.00 per square foot).

Should I get a PDF or a print map?

PDF maps (which are free with all printed maps) certainly have their advantages.  For instance, you can use Ctrl-F and search for a feature name, like a ZIP Code or a Populated place name and the Adobe reader will find that feature for you.  PDF files consume no desk or wall space and are just a mouse click or two away.  On the other hand, it is often difficult--even on the largest computer screens--to see a detail view and a broad view at the same time... something that you can do easily with a printed map.  For most people it is worth it to spend the extra few dollars to have both.

If I order a PDF will I be able to make edits to it on my computer?

This depends on the software that is available to you.  Your file is not copy protected or locked in any way.  If you have Illustrator, or another program that allows edits to PDF files, then you can make changes to the PDF as the software allows.  Most people who plan to "mark up" their map using computer software will want to purchase the Adobe Illustrator or SVG versions of their map, since these versions are fully layered and are designed just for such purposes.

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