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What does a map of X area cost?

This depends on the area, layers, size, and output format options that you select in the map generator.  Our business is designed for efficiency.  We are confident that we can produce your map faster and for less money than anyone else.  Send us any printed quote for a custom ZIP code map of any size via FAX and we'll beat it: (800) 525-1626.  If you have done comparison shopping, you will find that our quotes are about half the cost of similar maps from other companies.

Do you have X map in stock?

We do not maintain an inventory outside of our basic state and metro sets.  We have all the tools necessary to produce and ship your custom map in less time than it takes other companies to ship from their inventory--assuming that they have the map that you need.  As long the scope of the map supports the layers that you are requesting, we can produce Zip Code maps of any area in the United States printed at almost any size.

How do I install the SVG viewer?

In order to see the scope preview that we will generate for you, you should install the free Adobe SVG Viewer (you can also select to see the preview in GIF format and skip this plug-in).  It is located here.  If you are using Internet Explorer, then you should not even need to restart your Internet browser session.  You can also save the source on your desktop computer and open it offline into an SVG application of your choice.

The map generator does not allow me to specify exactly the place that I need to map.  What can you do?

Please contact us.  We can map all areas of the United States and we have tools to pinpoint exact locations that are not available online.

Why doesn't my preview image show the image with the layers that I selected?

The purpose of the preview image is simply to confirm the scope (land coverage) of your map.  It is not intended as a thumbnail or small picture of the map that we will manually produce for you.

How soon can I get my map?

This depends on the time of day of your order.  If you let us know that the map is urgent, most maps can ship overnight to most locations in the United States.

Can I set up a corporate account and just have you bill me on a monthly basis for the maps I request?

Generally yes, if you own or work for a corporation.  Please contact us about this and we can set up your account.  We will need to confirm all parts of your contact information.

Can I get other layers?

Yes, we have over 100 layers in over 40 GB of data (not counting the nearly infinite combinations of data points available from the 2000 Census).  Please contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

What restrictions are placed on the use or distribution of the maps?

In order to protect our intellectual property and to ensure that our digital maps are not resold online all of our maps are now copyright (we can not afford to compete against our own intellectual property in the markets that we serve). We will quickly give reproduction permission for just about any use other than online digital resale or distribution, even if you intend to make hundreds of copies that will be distributed throughout your organization or included in a publication.

I am an existing FLATTEXT client.  Are these maps compatible with the FLATTEXT Zip Code Locator?

No.  These maps use a slightly different projection and are rotated.  The Zip Code Locator uses maps that are based on a national (rather than regional) projections. is a project of FLATTEXT Database Scripts, Inc.
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